Do you suffer from uncomfortable period cramps every month? Do you also experience pre-menstrual syndromes that interfere with your lifestyle? 
This special essential oils blend (45ML) is the natural solution to ease painful menstrual cramps and gently regulate hormonal imbalance to relieve awful PMS every month. 
Here's the powerful blend: 
1. Clary Sage Essential Oil - Clary Sage has an earthy scent and has analgesic or pain relief properties to help reduce period cramps. 
2. Marjoram Essential Oil - Marjoram has a calming sweet scent and helps ease spasms associated with the uterine contractions that cause period cramps.
3. Lavender Essential Oil - Lavender has a relaxing scent and can help regulate hormonal imbalance by increasing estrogen levels to relieve uncomfortable pre-menstrual syndromes. 
4. Peppermint Essential Oil - Peppermint has a refreshing scent and has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the intensity and duration of cramps. 
5. Sweet Almond Oil - As a carrier, sweet almond oil has natural moisturizing properties when applied on the skin. I

Balancing Period Cramps Relief Oil

SKU: PER0001
  • Roll our balancing oil generously on the abdomen area leading up to your period to ease pre-menstrual syndromes and especially during your period when you are experience menstrual cramps to relief the pain. Use with a hot water bottle or compress to allow the oil to penetrate the skin and maximize results. 

  • This product should not be used with young children below the age of 12 and pregnant women.