Hot Water Bottle by Hugo Frosch 


Made in Germany, this hot water bottle is made of more than 90% renewable resources, mainly composed of sugar cane. Free from PVC and softening agents like phthalats, these are patented and third-party verified to be a more sustainable alternative to regular hot water bottles. 


Comes with your choice of a soft fleece cover in three designs: 

1. Bright Cheers in Blue 

2. Cosy Pup in White 

3. Polka Pop in Pink


Has a capacity of 0.8L, and dimensions 20cm by 14cm. Fits perfectly in your totebags so you can bring them out whenever and wherever you need them.


Odourless & 100% Recyclable, use this with a peace of mind for period cramps and uncomfortable muscle aches. 


Warm Hearts

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