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Start out with our bundle of MINIs to get a taster of what reusable cloth pads are like! This bundle will include 4 MINI reusables, which are equivalent to pantyliners that you can wear on the final days of your period or you could even wear them everyday as a hygiene layer if you’d like. Be surprised by us on the designs - we’ll try to include as many variations in fabric types and designs as we can. If you have any special requests, please leave them down in the Notes upon checkout, and we’ll try to meet your request if they’re available :) Many beginners start out with MINIs to get the hang of reusable cloth pads before they commit to our MIDI / MAXI pads. By purchasing this bundle, you’ll get to save 10% of the costs - so not only will the Earth be grateful for this, your wallet would also thank you for it. ☺️

Bundle of MINIs

SKU: VAL0002
$43.60 Regular Price
$39.24Sale Price
  • Using a cloth pad is easier than you think! 

    We suggest using our Natural Stain Remover Stick to melt away stubborn period stains on your cloth pad, before soaking them overnight in laundry detergent/powder. 

    With proper care, Quinbi's cloth pads can last for years! 

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