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Comfy and Moderate absorbency in a regular day pad, suitable for an average flow day. 


Our MIDIs are about 9.5" in length. However, actual pad length may differ slightly as they are all handmade.


This handmade cloth pad was sewn together with the best fabrics for maximum absorbency, each layer thoughtfully put together to create your favourite cloth pad: 


Premium Soft Cotton Jersey topper is so soft and breathable on the skin, it almost feels like you have nothing on. Knitted with natural fibres, it is most suitable for ladies with sensitive skin.

Super absorbent Zorb layer allows us to provide extra absorbency while keeping our pads slim 

Breathable water-resistant PUL layer so you never have to worry about embarrassing peiod leaks

Fluffy Cotton flannel on the bottom as the fibres will provide a secure grip to your underwear

(tip: we recommend tight-fitting panties on your heavier period days so that our cloth pads can fit perfectly)

Frankie in Cotton (MIDI)

SKU: FRA0002
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  • Using a cloth pad is easier than you think! 

    Unlike our stain-resistant minky pads, cotton pads may take a longer time for period stains to be removed. 

    We suggest using our Natural Stain Remover Stick to melt away stubborn period stains on your cloth pad, before soaking them overnight in laundry detergent/powder. 

    With proper care, Quinbi's cloth pads can last for years! 

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