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Our starter packs are great if you are keen on trying our reusable cloth pads to experience how our selection of cloth pads work for you. To support your journey, we're giving a 10% discount (extra savings!) for this starter pack.

This was thoughtfully put together to include
(1) 1x Mini Cloth Pad (for your lighter days)
(2) 2x Midi Cloth Pads (for your regular days)
(3) 1x Maxi Cloth Pad (for heavier days and overnight use)
(4) 1x Waterproof Wet Bag (great for carrying your cloth pads around)

Pick our starter pack and experience how reusable cloth pads can transform your period experience today!


Eco Starter Pack

$70.50 Regular Price
$63.45Sale Price
  • Using a cloth pad is easier than you think!

    We suggest using our Natural Stain Remover Stick to melt away stubborn period stains on your cloth pad, before soaking them overnight in laundry detergent/powder.

    With proper care, Quinbi's cloth pads can last for years! ! 

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