We're bringing back our bestseller Festive Specials for this very special fundraiser campaign that we are doing to support India during this challenging period.


25% of total sales will go towards supporting Goonj, a local organisation based in India rendering support to marginalised communities who are disproportionately hit by the virus.

(This fundraiser campaign is in partnership with the Support India SG campaign to raise awareness about the COVID-19 crisis in India.)


The second virus wave and lockdowns in India have led to a more invisible crisis - hunger. For millions across the country, like low-income families and migrant workers, the need for food is no less than the need for oxygen. Goonj is actively working across India to provide ration kits and working with farmers to address this crisis in rural villages and cities. Find out more at goonj.org.


You can also donate directly here: https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/fundraisers/help-indias-marginalised-communities-through-the-covid-19-crisis-singapore-fundraiser?ref=ZSOxcWs5gW


We’ve put together this easy starter kit for you - it’s the perfect guilt-free gift set! Made ethically in Singapore, this is 100% cruelty-free and kind to Mother Earth.


This bundle consists of:

1. 2 x MINIs

*design will be a surprise by us!

2. Wet Bag


If you've never tried reusable cloth pads before, this would help you get started. 2 MINI-sized pads & a wet bag to help you ease into it.


p.s. drop us a note in the checkout if you have a preferred design for the MINIs - we will try to meet your requests as much as possible!

Quinbi MINI Starter Kit